If you and your partner are having difficulty engaging in a satisfying relationship, couples therapy can offer you a place to explore patterns of relating that are no longer fostering healthy communication. Couples seek treatment for a variety of reasons, and from our first session we will work together to identify the particular challenges that lead you to seek professional support. Whether you need a third person to observe and reflect on how communication is limiting intimacy, or to process a relationship rupture such as infidelity, I offer a space to bring attention to each partners' emotional needs to be understood even as you hold two unique perspectives. 

I invite you to contact me to schedule an initial consultation, to get a sense of how meeting with me can open up new possibilities for being in relationship with each other.

Here are a few reasons couples often engage in therapy:

  • Navigating relationship growing pains associated with a new life stage
  • Seeking greater emotional and/or sexual intimacy
  • Breaking dissatisfying ways of engaging and communicating
  • Addressing the challenges of being both a couple and parents 
  • Recovery from relational traumas such as infidelity or the loss of a loved one 
  • Increasing spontaneity and creativity in the relationship